Health is a state

of balance and harmony

in the body, mind and soul

My MISSION in life is 
to help people walk their authentic path 
with balance, confidence, and joy.
My expertise comes from the many decades of navigating 
my own unique path full of ups and downs, 
including economic fluctuation, career evolution, and a myriad of relationships.
For strength, I studied many of the world’s wisdom teachings 
as taught by luminaries Joseph Campbell, Albert Einstein, Mary Morrissey, 
Pema Chodron, Thich Nhat Hanh, Martin Luther King, Jr., Patanjali, and others.
These wisdom teachings worked to help me thrive amidst 
the inherent ups and downs of a full life, authentically lived. 
Now I am honored to stand in this long lineage, 
teaching these same principles to others, so that they, too, 
may access the power to flourish on their own unique paths 
while navigating the exhilarating rush of this wild ride, called LIFE.

motivational speaking


Inspiring others towards greatness.

Curated Talks | By Appointment



Yoga is an eight-limbed practice

cultivating awareness of body, mind and soul

in order to live a healthy life of personal integrity.


Monday, 12-1:30, Vinyasa flow, all levels, heated, Yoga Tree CASTRO

Wednesday, 12-1:30, Vinyasa flow, all levels, heated, Yoga Tree CASTRO

Saturday, 4:30-6, Vinyasa flow, all levels, heated, Yoga Tree 6TH AVENUE

Focusing on the breath to anchor

like a surfboard, and balance

with equanimity in the flow

of life’s ups and downs.


A simple

mental exercise,

for cultivating mindfulness

- being aware of the present moment,

with curiosity + without judgement.


Journey Meditation

Private Sessions | By Appointment


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